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Zaina Mokkadam

Zeina is the Managing Director of PH7 Group, a company she founded in 2001. She's the author of "To Hell with Godot" and "The Illogical Logic of my life". She earned her Masters degree in Psychology specializing in counseling.

Naser Alazmi

Nasser Al-Azmi is a local farmer, Interested in all things related to agricultural production and self-sufficiency of the State of Kuwait He is the first to plant coffee, tea, cardamom, saffron and incense trees in Kuwait.

Abdulaziz Alateeqi

Lt Col Abdulaziz Alateeqi the author of Makkah at the Time of Prophet Muhammad - the only book of its kind. This was a result of over 10 years of focused research into Makkan history in the late 6th and early 7th centuries AD.

Abdullah AlMikhyal

Abdullah Al-Mikhyal is a documentary film director and producer. He is an environmental activist, and works across the Globe focusing on heritage, culture and the environment, highlighting the stories of native people.

Bashayer Almajed

Dr Bashayer Al Majed is a lawyer and Assistant Professor of Law at Kuwait University. She is committed to the importance of equal rights, particularly in the Middle East, and fights to challenge gender discrimination and injustice. Her humanitarian commitments include the Kuwaiti Blind Association and the Women’s Cultural Society.

Faried Omarah

Faried Omarah is an architectural engineer and artist. His obession are ideas - and how to deliver ideas in a way to reach all kinds of minds. He will take us on a journey to imagine how ideas can be simplified, purified and delivered in an artistic form.

Samer Haddadin

Head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office to the State of Kuwait in January 2019 by the High Commissioner. His talk will delve into experiences of over 25 years in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Hungary, around the question of why we help others, and how do we help them and is it an obligation?

Bader AlJedai

With Bader Al Jadei - an educator at PAAET concerned with information literacy and channels of influence.

Mariam Al-Shammari

Mariam Al-shammari is an educator and researcher. Her work covers issues international affairs and peacekeeping. She is an advocate for an active and engaged public.

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