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Touristic Enterprises Company

Since its establishment in 1976, one of the company’s main goals has been the provision of high standard entertainment and recreational services to all the residents and visitors of Kuwait. The company is considered a pioneer in the entertainment and recreation business, and has largely participated in the development of tourism in Kuwait through the varied services it provides in its facilities located around the state.

MAPP Kuwait

inspire the world!

MAPP-Kuwait projects are undertaken by media artists, teachers, technologists, engineers, civic groups and scientists.  All of our projects are strictly not-for-profit.  Our values reflect relevance, inclusion, creativity, quality, professional development, leadership, collaboration, and sustainability.


An Innovative Media Powerhouse

Creativity is boundless. Sometimes we create things and try to put them into a category and sometimes we create a totally new one for ourselves. Our very own, in-house team of highly skilled storytellers, innovative editors and expert producers are ready to show their expertise at any project that comes at them.


Work for yourself, not alone!

TRIBE is a place for you to work, network, and grow your business ideas. We are changing the way people work and bringing them together. TRIBE is not just about space, it’s about the community. A community of hard-working freelancers, great startups, and entrepreneurs.

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