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Deadline for proposals  31 July


Installation of
Interactive Space

Spaces are designed for attendees to gather & interact & can  be designed to be interactive in themselves. Or- Design a space that offers the opposite. In a conference setting some introverted attendees appreciate there being a space which is not intended for social interaction but as a breathing or quiet room.

Artist Booth / 2D / 3D Art

Artwork curated or selected to fit in with the community platform theme and the overall event and talk topics. Information & InteractionWith Artwork/Product

Industrial Designers

this could be an opportunity for your project to fit into the mold of an idea worth spreading or to
get feedback for your research from consumers, etc.

Graphic Designers

Communication designers and graphic designers also have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and to bring fresh
input into the fast moving world of design.

Video Projection

Filmmakers or Animators are welcome to show theirprojects in the rbc media gallery; Showcasing short clips in between the talks; Videos that can be projected around the spaceand also against the walls. These videos would besimpler of matter and/or abstract.

A Work in Progress

A work in progress
mural, a live painting, a giant colouring page for attendees;

Performaces or Installations.

The Selection Process

1. Your proposal will be evaluated on the basis of what you submit.
2. Your proposal will be short listed.
3. You will be invited to work up a more detailed proposal (including conceptual idea and realization).

Make it happen! Share the following in one PDF document (under 10 mb):

• A brief overview of the concept
• The number of works and description of works to be included
• Time-line
• Specifics of installation
• Short biography of the artist(s) and if applicable, curator(s) involved
• Social Media Handles
• Portrait

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